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About ODAM

No, ODAM isn’t a new 4-letter word! It’s the acronym for Outdoor Decor and More … you know, this site!

One of the reasons I targeted the outdoor decor line was because of my own home. I live in San Diego and the housing prices doubled in the first 6 years I owned the house. Rising housing prices changed the way people think about their homes. If you are preparing to sell, you have (or should have) learned how important curb appeal is to adding value to your home. But, more importantly, people are now having to maximize the living space they already have. This means making your outdoor spaces as useful, attractive, and relevant to your lifestyle as any of your indoor spaces. That’s why I especially enjoy selling the outdoor decor products on my site and why I decided to expand the “conversation” aspect of this concept with my blog.

And, yes, housing prices have dropped considerably in the last few years but they will go up again. Regardless of your home’s current price, you’ll still benefit (both personally and financially) if you maximize what you have.

I know you’ll get as excited as I am about the whole idea and really challenge yourself to making your curb appeal, yard and garden all they can be!



P.S. I need to apologize for the erratic timing of my blog posts. Since this isn’t my “day job,” life intrudes and time flies by without me getting around to adding a new post. Please feel free to email me if you’d like to write a post to fill in my timing gaps!