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Need Planting Reminders?

We have a packet of Bok Choy seeds sitting around here. Yes, that’s a vegetable. When we bought the packet we were buying some other vegetable plants this summer and had spotted it as we were checking out.

The seeds weren’t to be planted until fall so we set the packet aside. Well, it’s the end of October and we still haven’t planted those seeds. Why? Well, you know how time flies, don’t you? One minute it’s the middle of summer and you’re concentrating on harvesting your first ripe tomatoes… and the next you’re thinking it’s too late to plant those seeds.

Has this happened to you, too? Well, no more! There’s a web-based company in San Diego that will help us have a full harvest by sending us seeds when it’s time to plant them… or, for no cost, they’ll just send us reminders to plant. How sweet is that?!

Check out SproutRobot.com. Just give them your zip code to get your personalized planting calendar. They have different pricing options if you’re interested in their certified organic heirloom seeds with instructions for planting.

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