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Outdoor office space

I just ran across a unique way to expand your living space … put your home office outside! There’s a company in England, I-Scape, that builds modular garden offices, called iscapes. According to their press release, “An iscape comes complete with integral electrics, a host of optional extras and a wide range of exterior finishes including natural western cedar, low maintenance plastic coated steel, or multi colour scheme plywood.” This takes the yard shed to a whole new level! If you’ve been wishing you had a spare bedroom for a home office or if your home office is a small table squished to the side of your bed, you might explore the possibilities available for expanding your rooms outside.

They have designs intended specifically for an office space and another for what they call a “lifestyle building.” Now that term brings up interesting things, doesn’t it? But think about it. Are you into exercising and need a nice space to do your yoga or set up your weights? What about a play room for the kids? As you can see, with a little thought it’s easy to think of great ways to use this concept. Check them out at www.i-scape.co.uk/.

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