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The Secret of Rain Chains

In case you don’t know anything about rain chains, let me introduce you. A rain chain is usually installed on a choice corner of your house as a decorative (and useful) replacement for your gutter downspout. The rain chain connects to your gutter at any corner. Rain chains and rain cup chains are basically the same thing. Rain cups are the cup-like decorations down the chain, such as flowers or teacups.

If you’re thinking a rain chain is a chunk of chain you find at a hardware store, you’d be very wrong. Rain chains are typically made from pure copper so they start out attractive and the verdigris patina that copper attains over the years keeps it attractive. In addition, copper needs no maintenance so you can enjoy your rain chain without effort!

Imagine how soothing it is to hear the rain chain’s tinkling sounds (similar to a water fountain) each time it rains. Rain chains allow the water to flow down them and then disperse the water over a wider ground area. No more water gushing through the gutter downspout!

Not only do rain chains add an upscale feature to your home, they become part of your decorating theme. At the base of your rain chain, you can decide whether to let the water run into a water fountain, a large flower planter that likes water, or you can design a feature that will encourage the water to flow into another part of your yard. Rain chains are available in a variety of link designs and decorative rain cup designs so it’s easy to match your outdoor decor.

The secret of rain chains is that they are an amazing combination of gutter downspout, garden sculpture, and water feature. You must experience the wonder and beauty of this particular decorating addition to your home.


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