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What Everybody Ought to Know About Birdhouses

Are you making mistakes when choosing the birdhousesfor your yard? Are the birdhouses you’ve selected for you or for the birds? There are major differences in birdhouses and I’ll keep it simple by saying there are two main categories: decorative birdhouses and nesting box birdhouses.

Decorative birdhouses are my personal favorite because I can pick designs that work well with my outdoor decor theme or designs that are just fun to see in my yard. I have a lot of fun choosing an eclectic variety of designs but other people will want to follow a specific theme. You can also pick a variety of locations for decorative birdhouses: on a pole, hanging from a tree, or attached to a fence. It is important you choose decorative birdhouses that you love because you’re buying them for you, not the birds. This is definitely not a bad thing, it’s just something you need to remember. A decorative birdhouse is not your best choice if you really want to have birds nesting in your yard.

It doesn’t matter if the decorative birdhouse is beautifully painted or wildly embellished, these decorations are rarely attractive to the birds. Most decorative birdhouses have a post or perch that is much more decorative than useful. In fact, that post or perch usually just helps the predators get into the birdhouse. Another negative is the opening. Most decorative birdhouses have a relatively small hole as the “doorway.” This would allow smaller birds to enter, but most of these holes are too small for the medium-sized bird. Decorative birdhouses are also not built to be opened for cleaning each season.

Nesting box birdhouses are used for the sole purpose of providing birds with a home for their nest. These birdhouses are not particularly decorative because they are built to please the birds. They are usually made of plain wood, have ventilation holes, do not have a perch or post in front, and have a wall that opens on a hinge for ease of cleaning each season. Placement of nesting boxes is important. You want to keep them safe from predators and in a place where you won’t mind the mess the birds will leave below the birdhouse. In addition, you will want to research any specific requirements of the type of birds in your area.

If you are interested in expanding the bird population in your neighborhood, look for nesting boxes or have trees where birds may nest. If you want to add a decorative accent to your yard and a smile to your face, check out my personal favorite, the decorative birdhouse. 


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